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Criminal Russia

Hello. My name is Roman Koksharov.

My whole life I have been always telling the truth and have not been scared to tell people
what I think. Sometimes I suffered a lot because of that, since oftentimes people did not
want to hear the truth. One of the bi

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Tortured for 13 years

I was denied my right to refuse medical treatment by doctors in West Michigan. I was  Placed on every available anti-psychotic and mood stabilizer, one after another each, producing never warned about painful, bizaar, and always crippling effects.


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1 Reply · Reply by david james oisten May 22, 2016


WE ARE IN VERY BAD CONDITION. I am from Libya/Benghazi .the people are in very bad setuation

what shall i do?  please connect me to the right channel. please do it very soon.

thank you.

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American Friends Service Committee Human Rights Summit

The 2014 DC Human Rights Learning and Advocacy Summit brings together ten young people from the AFSC-DC Human Rights Learning Project and AFSC South Region youth programs. These young participants were selected by their program directors to attend th

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2 Replies · Reply by Paulette Agami May 21, 2014

Human Rights Violations

Question: Do you think human rights are violated more today than 50 years ago?

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1 Reply · Reply by gracia bennish May 20, 2014

Human Rights Education & Definition

Below is an excerpt from Amnesty International on their definition of human rights.


We believe that human rights education is fundamental for addressing the underlying causes of human rights violations, preventing human righ

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How to Get the Public Service Announcements Shown on TV

Many TV stations show educational Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for free to inform the public about key social issues such as cancer, child abuse and, in our case, raise awareness about human rights. 

In many countries TV stations are required

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How to Become Active with

Here is what you need to do to start to be active:

1. First you should upload your photo so we can all see real people! You can do this on your 'My Page'  - see the top menu.

2. Participate in discussions in the Forum and answer questions from othe

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