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tarpon springs florida


Birthday: October 10

Organization / Group / School united for human rights

Involvement Human Rights Supporter

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"The answer would be yes, if only the size of today's population was considered. However, Human Rights abuse has been a dark side of man's inhumanity to man for thousands of years, if not longer, One need only to to look at domestic violence and chil…"
"I strongly feel this dialog regarding the right to privacy be encouraged and kept alive. Very few people realize that the right to privacy is a HUMAN RIGHT and is so stated in the historic and watershed document, The Universal Declaration of Human R…"
"A good beginning would be to make the landmark document, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, recognized, with each of the 30 human rights contained in this document taught and understood by our children as to how they could apply them to thei…"
"If I were a legislator I would make human rights education to our children mandatory,minimally encouraging the Universal Declaration of Human Rights document to be read and understood. "