Here is what you need to do to start to be active:

1. First you should upload your photo so we can all see real people! You can do this on your 'My Page'  - see the top menu.

2. Participate in discussions in the Forum and answer questions from other human rights educators.

3. If you are an Educator - teacher, lecturer or social worker and involved in Human Rights education - use the PSAs and Story of Human Rights to educate others.  Alternatively, you can order materials or sign up to the teaching curriculum that we provide.

4. Upload photos and videos of human rights education or other activities that you are involved in.  This way other members can see what you're up to and learn from your experiences.

Here is what you should do next:

There are three main aspects to our activities:

Education - direct education and presentations to schools, universities and other youth groups

Awareness - the broad public broadcasting of the human rights videos - the Public Service Announcements which are on this site.

Legislation - gaining support to mandate the UN Declaration of Human Rights to be taught in schools around the country. 

1. Tell your friends about us and show them the videos, invite them to join the network.

2. Contact your local schools, universities and other youth groups and arrange to show them the Human Rights Videos and booklets, or undertake the full Education program.

3. Post the date and details of an Event on the network site calendar well before the date it will happen and invite other members to help you to deliver the event or to attend.

4. Post the news of your event and upload the photos so we can see the event and share your successes and results on the network.

5. If you are working in the media or have contacts in the media, arrange to have the 30 Human Rights videos played in public places - TV, cinemas, and so on.

Good luck, and please contact us if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,

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