I was denied my right to refuse medical treatment by doctors in West Michigan. I was  Placed on every available anti-psychotic and mood stabilizer, one after another each, producing never warned about painful, bizaar, and always crippling effects.

Police, doctors, nurses, and mental health doctors and staff continually placed me in not wanted illegal and akward sexual situations. bizaar dangerous and debilitating gentic research on the side of dysfunction.

I was on a prolixin induced forced march, 22 hours a day, for six years.

Once while being held in a mental clinic my studio apartment was shown on the grand rapids local t.v. news program because it had mysteriously exploded (hash-bomb) no one involved was ever questioned by the police or sought out for investigation. news agencies refused to speak with me.

All signs and symptoms of any supposed mental illness and/or drug addiction of mine went away after I gained my freedom and cleansed my body of prescription drugs/"medications".

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  •  Iam looking for a civil rights/ human rights law firm. seeking justice etc..

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