Star Project: Del Ray Mural

Del Ray Community Mural, in the city of Alexandria, Virginia

Leisa Collins spearheaded a community mural which gave hundreds of local children and adults the opportunity to leave their creative mark on a 60 foot public mural that has now become a landmark of the Alexandria community of Del Ray. Leisa recruited fellow local artists Forest Allread and Corinne Marlow for the project which depicts a Del Ray street scene that shows how human rights play an integral part in any true community. The main painting event took place on the popular annual Art on the Avenue festival in Del Ray when throngs of enthusiastic children armed with brushes and paint containers got to work. Meanwhile, thousands of onlookers stopped and watched “art in action” as the mural took shape throughout the day.

The project involved the creativity of five youth teams that each painted their own sections. The mural includes a number of articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, namely, “The Right to Education,” “The Right to Play,” “Right to Nationality,” “Freedom of Expression” and “Workers Rights” integrated into the mural setting which is a portrayal of life in Del Ray, conveying its spirit of community. The costs of paint and materials for the mural were donated by Art on the Avenue, and all participation by artists, youth, parents and community workers was carried out on a volunteer basis. Lesia Collins, a recognized fine artist is commissioned by home owners of Craftsman style to paint their beautiful homes. Her work includes painting a variety of other architectural building styles, both residential and commercial.


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