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  • Anne Frank Center USA offers a variety of professional development workshops for teachers and educators at all levels. The workshops provide teachers with the opportunity to examine the life and times of Anne Frank through her diary, family photographs, and documentary images as portrayed a permanent exhibit.  Workshops can take place at The Anne Frank Center, at your school, community center, or other public space.  They can also bring educational performances such as “Conversations with Anne: Letters from Anne and Martin” to your school or community. In this presentation, professional actors bring the texts of Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to life, and encourage the audience to join in an interactive discussion.

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  • Student interns promoting HR for others

    Since she was a young girl in Brooklyn, Jodie Geddes has experienced how abuses of power play out in schools and on the streets.

    Her community members are stopped and frisked by police officers because of their race. She was excluded from certain relationships in school because the culture there didn’t make space for her multi-national identity. In North Carolina, where she’s now a student at Guilford College, she sees how immigrant communities are marginalized by state policies.

    Jodie is not one to disengage in the face of ugliness; instead, she goes where her heart moves her. “As human beings, we have a responsibility to protect our community members,” she says.

    This summer has been a time of learning and a reminder of why she does what she does.

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  • Video on Education as a Human Right

    Education a Human Right:  This video was created by the American Friends Service Eommittee, PA program's Racial Justice Through Human Rights group together with the Youth Media Advocacy Project. The youth's deep concern for education and the deficiency of the schools led them to want to raise awareness in the community about the right to a good education.

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  •  "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" Youth Film Festival:  Youth from AFSC in Pittsburgh's Racial Justice Through Human Rights Program explain how they would use a trillion dollars to help their respective communities, quoting many articles of the UDHR.   

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  • DC kicks off year of human rights learning:  This year, the city council kicked off “DC Year of Human Rights Learning” on Dec. 10, calling on the American Friends Service Committee and the Washington, D.C. public schools to continue to promote the importance of educated residents about human rights.

    Since passing its Human Rights City resolution, Washington has been able to reach out to more than 150 students each year through AFSC, which focuses on peace and economic justice through its Washington program.

    Jean-Louis Peta Ikambana, the program’s director, explains that students involved with the program get “more than just a human rights class.”  

    “The project strives to achieve universal commitment to the dignity and worth of each human person by working with D.C. Public Schools students to increase their knowledge and understanding of human rights, as a way to create a culture of long lasting peace in D.C.,” he says.

    The project’s main goals are to increase human rights knowledge, to foster critical thinking, and to empower youth to become agents for peace and social change.

    The curriculum uses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a foundation. A survey of 89 students from seven public and private schools in 2008 found that only two had even heard of the universal declaration, but every respondent indicated interest in learning more about human rights.

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